Value of Certification Value of Certification

Value of Certification

Prove your Linux and open source skills with LPI certifications.

The open source job market is booming and employers offer above-average salaries and benefits to hire and retain employees who are willing to learn and get certified.

The certification paths of the Linux Professional Institute set the worldwide certification standard.

43% of all organizations offer more flexible working hours and telecomputing
-Open Source Jobs Report
92% of all employers pay higher starting salaries to IT-certified employees than to those without
-NDG Linux Career Guide
87% of organizations report that it is difficult to find open source talent
-Open Source Jobs Report

Prove your skills

Verified credentials get you to the top of the resume pile and on recruiter hot lists. It’s the quickest way through the HR firewall.

LPI’s distribution neutral certification shows Linux versatility. Rather than being limited to one particular vendor technology, you will be able to work with multiple open source technologies – mirroring actual work environments. Certifying at the command line means you can work with any Linux distribution.

With detailed exam objectives, your exam prep time is better spent because you know what to study. Our multi-level track verifies you have the most comprehensive breadth and depth of Linux and open source knowledge. Our certifications are valid for 5-years, longer than most competitive certifications.